2023-06-17 | Huenicorn 1.0.3 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.3 keeps up with Mbed-TLS

What's new ?

2023-05-23 | Huenicorn 1.0.2 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.2 brings some rest to your processor

What's new ?

2023-04-23 | Huenicorn 1.0.1 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.1 just landed with some improvements !

What's new ?

2023-04-15 | Huenicorn 1.0.0 is here !

The time has come for the initial release of Huenicorn !

Thank you !

Appart from this, as I've been moving a lot lately, it took me time to notice the first contributions on the GitLab repo.

I want to apologize for ackowledging them a bit late. It made me really happy to realize that Huenicorn started its life cycle. I am grateful for this.
It is actually the first time I publish a free project. There is a lot I will learn through this adventure.

I am now aware that this project is also alive for you and from now on, I will pay close attention to your inputs.

Thank you very much for your interest in Huenicorn !