2024-04-12 | Huenicorn 1.0.7 is here !

This version comes to improve the stability for Wayland sessions

And with this communication, I wanted to express gratitude to all the ones who contributed to the solving of the bugs and the ones who took some time to express their appreciation of Huenicorn.
Your tests and feedbacks are very helpful and thanks to you, we are moving towards stability.

I feel a lot of good vibes from our community. Huenicorn is much better with you !


2024-04-09 | Seems like community is growing !

Hi everyone,

Recently, there has been more activity than usual on the repo and in my mailbox. I am delighted to see how many of you are following Huenicorn !
You have suggested some nice features and also made me aware of some bugs. Thank you very much for all of this !

However, there is just one catch:
As my time is unfortunately finite, I have to schedule your requests. From now on, I'll set a priority on the bugs (by gravity) and then, once the little "fire" will be contained, I'll get to your requested features.

If you currently experience runtime error with version 1.0.6 from master branch, please, consider trying develop branch.
Things are getting fixed progressively and version 1.0.7 will then be released with the solutions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Be assured that I'm doing my best at the moment. Things will get better very soon !


2024-03-15 | Huenicorn 1.0.6 is here !

This is a little update to reduce dependencies.

What's new ?

Also, from now on, binary builds are available on the download page !

2024-02-03 | Huenicorn 1.0.5 is here !

This is a small update fixing some flashing when the screen is showing translations of highly detailed and contrasted images.
The issue was very visible on movie credits, for example. Keeping the interpolation setting on "Area" fixes it completely.

What's new ?

2024-01-21 | Huenicorn 1.0.4 is here !

What's new ?

This marks a significant milestone ensuring that Huenicorn is now future-proof, as the eventual retirement of X.Org will have no impact anymore.

A sincere Thank You to everyone for all for your messages, suggestions, valuable inputs and contributions.
Your support is truly appreciated !


2023-12-04 | Huenicorn goals for 2024 !

Hello everyone !

It has been a while since I last made an announcement here but don't worry, I am coming with great news.
Indeed, I am currently working on a solution for a very asked feature : Wayland Support !

Yes, you have been many to request this and this makes a lot of sense. Wayland is getting more and more adopted and Huenicorn has to follow.
However, as Wayland has a very different workflow than good old X11, it might take some time for me to implement it in a satisfying way.

I am looking forward to come back to you soon with a working solution !

I wish you the best for 2024 !


2023-06-17 | Huenicorn 1.0.3 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.3 keeps up with Mbed-TLS

What's new ?

2023-05-23 | Huenicorn 1.0.2 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.2 brings some rest to your processor

What's new ?

2023-04-23 | Huenicorn 1.0.1 is here !

Huenicorn 1.0.1 just landed with some improvements !

What's new ?

2023-04-15 | Huenicorn 1.0.0 is here !

The time has come for the initial release of Huenicorn !

Thank you !

Appart from this, as I've been moving a lot lately, it took me time to notice the first contributions on the GitLab repo.

I want to apologize for ackowledging them a bit late. It made me really happy to realize that Huenicorn started its life cycle. I am grateful for this.
It is actually the first time I publish a free project. There is a lot I will learn through this adventure.

I am now aware that this project is also alive for you and from now on, I will pay close attention to your inputs.

Thank you very much for your interest in Huenicorn !