Huenicorn is a free Philips Hue™ bias lighting driver for Gnu/Linux.
It allows you to extend your screen's colorful atmosphere through your Hue light bulbs in real-time and provides a simple web interface to assign specific portions of screen to the light you desire and save the settings for a further entertainment session.


2024-02-03 | Huenicorn 1.0.5 is here !

This is a small update fixing some flashing when the screen is showing translations of highly detailed and contrasted images.
The issue was very visible on movie credits, for example. Keeping the interpolation setting on "Area" fixes it completely.

What's new ?


Because of potential quick and repeated changes in color and brightness, bias lighting systems in general might be unsuitable for people subject to photosensitive epilepsy. Huenicorn will decline all responsibility in case of issues of this nature.