Huenicorn is a free Philips Hue™ bias lighting driver for Gnu/Linux.
It allows you to extend your screen's colorful atmosphere through your Hue light bulbs in real-time and provides a simple web interface to assign specific portions of screen to the light you desire and save the settings for a further entertainment session.


2024-07-01 | Refactor done ! Welcome to 1.0.8 !

Hi !

The refactor I was talking a few days ago is now achieved and accessible as version 1.0.8.

Except for the integration of the new fancy Huenicorn logo, this version doesn't bring new feature.
However, this step was very important in terms of code quality. This has to be seen as an investment for further development, as now, the code has a better structure.

The pending new features will be easier to integrate from now on !

Thank you very much for your attention and patience =)



Please be advised that due to the possibility of rapid and frequent changes in color and brightness, bias lighting systems may not be suitable for individuals prone to photosensitive epilepsy.

Huenicorn disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the use of such systems.