Huenicorn is a free Philips Hue™ bias lighting driver for Gnu/Linux.
It allows you to extend your screen's colorful atmosphere through your Hue light bulbs in real-time and provides a simple web interface to assign specific portions of screen to the light you desire and save the settings for a further entertainment session.


2024-04-12 | Huenicorn 1.0.7 is here !

This version comes to improve the stability for Wayland sessions

And with this communication, I wanted to express gratitude to all the ones who contributed to the solving of the bugs and the ones who took some time to express their appreciation of Huenicorn.
Your tests and feedbacks are very helpful and thanks to you, we are moving towards stability.

I feel a lot of good vibes from our community. Huenicorn is much better with you !



Please be advised that due to the possibility of rapid and frequent changes in color and brightness, bias lighting systems may not be suitable for individuals prone to photosensitive epilepsy.

Huenicorn disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the use of such systems.